Our services are custom-tailored to your individual needs in support of your own wellness journey. These services and treatments may be combined to reach your personal goals in healing:

• Mindfulness
• Guided Relaxation
• Reflexology
• Acu-Wellness
• Energy Healing
• Hypnosis
• Essential Oils

New clients begin with a free phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Cash, check & credit cards accepted.

Auricular Acupuncture – Community/Group
$35.00 for 1 hour group session
Sit with other people in a relaxing atmosphere with soft music playing
Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm – by appointment only

Auricular Acupuncture – Private Sessions
$55.00 for private session
In reclining chair, soft music
1 hour session, by appointment only

Guided Relaxation – $75.00

$75.00 per session (1st session is 1-½ hrs)
$45.00, 30-minute session

Reflexology Packages
For optimal health benefits, you are encouraged to use packages within 90 days.

2 sessions $140.00 prepaid
4 sessions $240.00 prepaid
30 minute foot reflexology session -$45.00

Hand Reflexology
$75.00, 1 hour

Hypnosis for Stress Management
$125.00 per session, 1st session is 1 ½ – 2hrs long

For Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Hypnosis

+ Acupuncture, $20.00
+ Essential Oils, $5.00

*All prices subject to change, including prepaid packages.