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Summer Scents Sense

The fragrant scent of an orange as it is being peeled, the tangy tartness of a fresh juicy grapefruit, the bold scent of lime or lemon – these fresh clean vibrant mouth-watering scents remind me of summer. When the sun is shining high and bright up in the sky and the days are long, filled with laughter, friends, and happy times.

Essential oils capture the essence of these fruits and other plants – all you have to do is open the bottle, inhale the pure unadulterated fragrance and experience how they can make you feel! I call the citrus oils especially “sunshine in a bottle.” You can’t help but smile when you inhale their fragrance – so uplifting!

One of the ways I like to use essential oils is to diffuse them into the air with a diffuser. A gray cloudy day? No problem – diffuse orange essential oil mixed with some peppermint essential oil for an uplifting, invigorating scent, sit back and notice the shift in everyone’s mood! Get creative with Lavender and Orange, Lemon or Young Living’s™ blend called “Purification.” So many choices! You are only limited by your imagination!

Another way to use them is to apply them topically. Mix your favorite oils into a carrier oil to create your own personal “perfume” and apply to your wrists or neck. Having peace of mind that your scent doesn’t contain any chemicals! Add oils to your favorite body lotion that you use to moisturize and replenish your skin, add them to your bath salts and soak away the stress and tension of the day.

A caution about topical application of oils – especially citrus oils. When you put them on your skin it is advised that those areas not be exposed to sunlight for 12-48 hours. This is because the oils can cause something called photosensitivity – increasing the likelihood of getting sunburned on the areas they were applied to. If you must apply these oils, put them on areas of skin that will not be exposed to the sun as a way of safeguarding against sunburn.

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